Competence and innovation
Competence and Innovation
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Made by Meissner

On all continents, our customers rely on tools and moulds "made by Meissner". Across all geographical, linguistic and cultural borders, Meissner is synonymous with excellence, reliability and innovation.

We create tools for the casting of engine blocks, cylinder heads and other casted parts; blow moulds primarily for the manufacture of fuel tanks and filler pipes, and tools for the production of car trim parts from various materials.

The services offered by our company, founded in 1922, cover the development, design and manufacture of prototypes and production tooling. In the development and design department Meissner employs about 50 engineers and designers. Also in production, we work exclusively with the highly qualified personnel using the latest production technologies.

For decades, we have been realising projects for clients around the world. Our wealth of experience enables us to serve even far-off customers with our special advanced technology and service concept for maintenance and modification work just as well as customers located close to our locations in Germany and Austria.

The Meissner Team

Know-how and motivation

Know-how and motivation are the prerequisites for quality. Thanks to decades of experience, we have an extensive know-how for the development and manufacture of tools and moulds and a large knowledge concerning the manufacturing processes of our customers.

We pass this knowledge on from generation to generation with continuous training and further education, whilst not limiting ourselves to classical form of vocational training. In collaboration with the local university of applied sciences, we offer young people the possibility of a practical engineering degree specialising in tool and mould building technologies. Upon completion of the training our junior staff is twinned up with experienced colleagues who act as mentors by passing on all their knowledge. Advanced training programs in all areas and departments complete our concept of lifelong learning. Finally, we develop our expertise through regular investment in the latest manufacturing technologies and the constant optimization of work processes.

Next to know-how, the extraordinary motivation of our team is the key to the quality of our work. This motivation depends crucially on our employee participation scheme. It is also the recognition of our customers that motivates and drives us.

Employee shareholding

Shareholding motivates

Meissner is a corporation which is majority owned by its employees. The shareholding is widely dispersed, and most employees hold shares in the company. This fosters an entrepreneurial and responsible behavior in each individual.

This prize winning model, much respected in the professional world, has proved itself to be very successful. The employees are particularly motivated, which is reflected in the extraordinary quality of the products.
Attendance at the general meetings and the posting of employees on the board of directors make the decision process transparent. This also creates trust. Finally, the participation is also worthwhile financially; a fair dividend has been regularly paid out to the shareholders.

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