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vocational training

In co-operation with the University of applied sciences Gießen-Friedberg we are offering the on-the-job training within the dual studies for future Mechanical Engineers (Bachelor Graduation). Further details on this matter see under "StudiumPlus" or through our Human Resources department.

Vacational training
The vocational training of young people is the most important investment in our company's future ever since. In most instances the apprenticeship is just the first step of a durable teamwork with variegated opportunities for career advancement.

Our vocational professions

(foundry technology specialization)

Technical pattern maker
(foundry technology specialization)

Milling machine operator
(milling technology specialization)

Design draughtsman
(machine and installation engineering specialization)

Technical product designer

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Precision and performance

We belong to the worldwide leading foundry tool and plastic mould manufacturers. Our customers are considerable domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers and their suppliers.

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Jubiläum 85 Jahre Meissner / 10 Jahre Aktiengesellschaft.
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